Legal notes and terms of use

All rights reserved. No part of this Disclaimer (Disclaimer) may be used or reproduced in any form without the permission of FARESIN INDUSTRIES s.p.a. (henceforth Faresin Industries).

Faresin Industries does not accept any claims or warranty claims with reference to the contents of this Disclaimer or to the description of its products contained on the site, in the brochures, illustrative documents, user and maintenance manuals adopted, or the description of its products contained therein.

Communication regarding information available on the website and in the disclosure documents

Users of the site owned by Faresin Industries and, more generally, all those who come into possession of and view brochures, pamphlets, catalogs, the user and maintenance manuals and, anything else disclosed by Faresin Industries, are authorized to use the published technical documentation, information and data, specifications and technical data, news, drawings, etc. … (hereinafter cumulatively referred to as the  “Documentation”) on the express condition that: (i) the words < copyright  all rights reserved by Faresin Industries > are always present in each copy; (ii) the use of such Documentation is intended for informational and non-commercial purposes only and that it is not reproduced or copied or posted on a network, even an intranet, nor entered into communication channels; (iii) and finally, the Documentation is not altered or modified in the slightest.

All elements that constitute and make up the Faresin Industries website are protected by law and can neither be copied nor imitated, even partially.

Faresin Industries assumes no responsibility, either expressed or implied, of any nature whatsoever for the completeness and accuracy of any information contained and/or reported by its site.

The Faresin Industries website and all brochures, leaflets, catalogs, user and maintenance manuals, and anything else disclosed by Faresin Industries contain data, materials, trademarks, and information, including, without limitation, text, software, photographs, videos, and graphics, all of which are protected by Italian and international intellectual property rights protection laws.

Information regarding the contents of the site and Documentation

Faresin Industries is a Company that designs, manufactures, markets, sells, and installs mixer wagons for animal feed, telescopic lifts for lifting and handling various materials, and devices of various kinds (hereinafter collectively referred to as Machinery and Devices).

Faresin Industries’ Machinery and Devices are always conceived, designed and manufactured on an industrial scale, in series, and therefore on a standard basis, except for adaptations and/or special productions behind specific customer requests.

Exclusion and disavowal of liability

Faresin Industries recommends that anyone who intends to purchase and/or use its Machinery and/or Devices examine with the utmost scrupulousness and attention the Documentation on the site and in the paper documents, and thus all the technical characteristics of the individual and specific Machinery and/or Devices, set forth – in addition to this site – in the catalogs, brochures, user and maintenance manuals, and in all other materials and technical documents prepared by Faresin Industries, in order to check and ascertain that the Machinery and/or Devices  possess the characteristics necessary and appropriate for the use and/or purpose for which the purchaser intends them to be used.   

Faresin Industries therefore disclaims any and all liability for any malfunctions of the Machinery and/or Devices  and/or their reduced capacity for use and/or for different performances – compared to those reported in the Documentation and in their own illustrative materials and/or in their own user and/or maintenance manuals – and/or for possible malfunctions and/or reduced capacity for use and/or for failures, due to a customer/user’s wrong choice and/or evaluation.

Faresin Industries also disclaims all liability for any damage, of any kind, that may, directly or indirectly, be caused to persons or property, as a result of the incorrect choice made by the customer/user, or the failure to comply with all the prescriptions indicated in the Documentation and in the use and maintenance manuals, concerning, in particular, warnings regarding installation,  start-up, use and maintenance of its Machinery and/or Devices.

Faresin Industries urges that Machinery and/or Devices be used only and exclusively after thoroughly reviewing the accompanying operating and maintenance manuals and other technical documents, as well as  to access and use the Machinery and/or Devices only and exclusively within the limits indicated in the Documentation, given that their use must be reserved for experienced personnel, qualified to use such type of machinery and devices, over 18 years of age, in suitable psychophysical conditions and not in a state of alteration due to the assumption or use of alcohol, intoxicating or narcotic substances, psychotropic drugs, etc….. It is permitted to use the Machinery and/or Devices only by one operator at a time, who, before making their start-up and thus the start of their operation, must obligatorily verify that there are no people or animals in the vicinity and that the maintenance prescribed by the use and maintenance manuals has been carried out.

Faresin Industries  stresses that the advantages or disadvantages arising  from using  of the Machinery and/or Devices manufactured by it can be critically and comprehensively evaluated only and exclusively through the verifications, analyses and tests carried out by the buyers/users themselves, since only the latter are in a position to know their actual needs, especially with regard to operability, safety, reliability durability, conditions of use, performances, standards, as well as to meet the requirements of norms, technical prescriptions, standards, local customs, or imposed or suggested by particular or not usual conditions of use, due to particular climatic and/or atmospheric conditions (by way of example only, and therefore not exhaustive, lower temperature  to – 20° C  or above 40° C , – international Celsius scale – high  humidity, dusty  places, saline  climates, electromagnetic storms,  presence of corrosive substances, etc….) and unsanitary places.

Machinery and/or Devices may have limitations of use, so please consult the Documentation, brochures, illustrative materials, and operation and maintenance manuals to find out what uses they are intended for. In any case, Machinery and/or Devices may only circulate on public roads if they have been approved in advance for this type of circulation, and in any case they must be used only and exclusively in adequately ventilated environments, and if they have undergone the periodic maintenance foreseen in the use and maintenance manuals.

It follows that Faresin Industries disclaims any liability  Should,  in violation of the above just stated, Machinery and/or Devices are inserted and/or  placed in production lines or used under unusual conditions or not in compliance with the technical characteristics and methods of use suggested by Faresin Industries and/or contained  at  website   and/or  in the brochures and/or  in the  various materials  illustrative of  Faresin Industries, including operation and maintenance manuals, or, again, not in compliance with laws and/or technical standards, customs, or as suggested by common experience.

This disclaimer covers both liability to third parties under the world’s applicable product liability laws and in terms of warranty and contractual liability.

Other provisions

Buyers/users of Machinery and/or Devices manufactured by Faresin Industries.  are required to carry out, under their own direct responsibility, and at their own care and expense, the necessary and appropriate checks, tests, verifications and, if necessary, technical functioning tests, in order to ascertain the compliance of the Machinery and Devices  purchased with respect to their needs and/or requirements, and, more generally, to  what is stated on the Faresin Industries website, in the Documentation and illustrative materials, and in the operation and maintenance manuals that accompany the Machinery and Devices.
All data and information of a technical nature provided by Faresin Industries are the result of technical operational checks, tests, verifications and trials carried out by Faresin Industries personnel, using the technicality and parameters prescribed and/or suggested by experience, technical standards and best practices.
All Machinery and Devices designed and manufactured by Faresin Industries were conceived, designed and manufactured for a variety of uses, but were not conceived, designed or manufactured to cause harm to persons or property.
The Machinery and Devices may not be used for illicit purposes or for purposes other than those indicated on the site and/or in Faresin Industries’ illustrative documents, Documentation, brochures, illustrative materials, and operating and maintenance manuals adopted by Faresin Industries.
In no event shall Faresin Industries be liable for any direct or indirect, even accidental, or so-called punitive damages, as a result of or otherwise in connection with the use of its Machinery and/or Devices.

Faresin Industries does not accept claims or warranty claims with reference to the contents of this Disclaimer or to the description of the Machinery and/or Devices  contained in its website, Documentation, brochures, user and maintenance manuals  or the description of the Machinery and Devices contained therein.

The invalidity or ineffectiveness of one or more provisions of this Disclaimer, if any, shall not affect the validity and effectiveness of the other provisions.

In said event, any invalid or ineffective provision or clause shall be replaced with another valid and effective one that achieves, as much as possible, the same results and intent of Faresin Industries s.p.a.